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Combination of the properties of rockrose pollen which limits bacterial intrusion, and the complex based on green propolis, cranberry and bearberry which has a protective effect on the urinary sphere. Container of ORGANIC cistus pollen 250 g + ORGANIC Urinary Comfort pillbox 40 capsules.
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    Cystitis, or urinary tract infection, is an extremely common condition that refers to inflammation of the bladder. In the vast majority of cases, it is caused by the proliferation of germs, particularly enterobacteria. Bacterial urinary infections are easily and quickly treated with antibiotics over periods of 3 to 7 days. Problem: 90% of the bacteria responsible for these infections have become resistant to antibiotics in the antibiotic group. To avoid the dangers of the widespread and systematic use of antibiotics, there are natural alternative solutions based on plants or effective bee products, without risk of resistance development.


    Escherichia Coli is a very common bacteria that sticks to the walls of mucous membranes. as long as it is in competition with other commensal bacteria, E-coli is not harmful. But when the intestinal flora is weakened, it sometimes takes over and becomes comfortable, even causing infections. If you are prone to repeated urinary infections, you must start by changing the environment in which the bacteria thrives. The first thing to do is therefore to consolidate the intestinal flora by taking probiotics.

    Cistus pollen is the fresh pollen richest in lactic ferments. It is therefore the one with the most significant probiotic effects. Its richness in vitamin E will also consolidate the intestinal epithelium, thus strengthening our natural barrier and limiting the porosity of the intestines.

    Cistus pollen is also very interesting after antibiotic treatment because the lactoferments temporarily take over from a degraded intestinal microbiota and participate in its reconstitution. Pollen fibers act as prebiotics and also support this flora.

        Cistus pollen grains are collected in May.  
        Very pleasant mild, sweet and tangy flavor. Melting texture.
     Couleur du pollen congelé   Orange color.


    To stop an early infection or deal with repeated cystitis, Confort Urinaire is a food supplement combining the recognized benefits of cranberry, bearberry and green propolis. This unique formula helps limit the risk of recurrence of cystitis or stop an early infection.

    1. Baccharis green propolis has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, limiting bacterial proliferation and allowing an optimal response of the immune system. The combination of cranberry and propolis also significantly reduces the virulence of E.Coli.

    2. Cranberry contains a high content of proanthocyanidins (PACs), a powerful natural antioxidant flavonoid, which contributes to maintaining urinary comfort. Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of PACs in reducing the adhesion of certain strains such as E. Coli on the urinary walls. 3 capsules guarantee the intake of 36mg of proanthocyanidins.

    3. BUSHERBERRY leaves, nicknamed "bear grape", contain phenolic glycosides, including arbutin which is absorbed in the small intestine then transformed into hydroquinone derivatives in the liver before being able to exert its powerful antiseptic effects.

    ORGANIC rockrose pollen (Cistus sp.). Minority of other pollens from the surrounding flora. Without colorings or preservatives. Origin: European Union.

    Packaging: 250 g tray under protective atmosphere.

    Fresh pollen is a raw, living, very complete and complex food that degrades very quickly in air and at room temperature. The exclusive process patented by Pollenergie consists of freezing the pollen as soon as it is harvested and packaging it in a protective atmosphere. Fresh pollen can thus travel at room temperature for more than 7 days before being refrozen safely to guarantee its full nutritional potential. Store in the freezer between -15° and -18° C.

    Nutritional information
    see image

    For 3 capsules: 360 mg of organic cranberry berry powder (Cranberry), organic green propolis powder (247 mg of organic green propolis, organic acacia gum) 219 mg of organic bearberry dry extract. Anti-caking agent: magnesium carbonate. Coating agent: organic marine capsules (organic fish gelatin, soy lecithin).

    Packaging: Pill box of 40 capsules
    Consume as a 6-week treatment at a rate of one tablespoon per day (12 g) in the morning during breakfast. Pollen can be eaten alone or sprinkled on fruit salad, compote, yogurt or muesli. A 250 g tray corresponds to 3 weeks of use at a rate of one tablespoon per day.

    For any adult at risk of urinary infections. From 12 years old. Not recommended for people allergic to bee products, pregnant women, children under 12 years old and people suffering from renal insufficiency. Keep out of reach of young children.

    Take 3 capsules of 300 mg per day (1 capsule morning, 1 capsule midday, 1 capsule evening) for 7 days at mealtimes with a large glass of water. In the event of a beginning infection, take the 3 capsules at the same time on the first day.
    It is advisable to increase your water consumption, or even water rich in bicarbonate (around 1.5 l to 2 l/day) during the 7 day period.
    Store at room temperature in a dry place.