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Mountain honey harvested by our partner beekeepers in the Galicia region of Spain and certified organic. 270g jar.
5.90 €
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  1. This dark colored syrupy honey has a sweet taste with hints of gingerbread with a slight bitterness on the finish. It is produced in the Galicia region of Spain.

    100% Certified Organic Mountain Honey. Packaging: 270 g glass jar

    Store at room temperature.

  2. Origin: Galicia - Spain

    Not recommended for people allergic to bee products.
  3. #HONEY CRYSTALLIZATION#All honeys crystallize! Contrary to a fairly widespread idea, it is in no way a question of poor quality honey or the addition of sugar. However, this natural phenomenon varies according to the floral origin of the honey and its storage temperature. How to make honey that is too hard or too grainy liquid? Simply place the jar of honey in a bain-marie without exceeding 45°C at the risk of losing its nutritional qualities. Warning: this still alters its organoleptic qualities, particularly its taste and aromas. So prefer to leave it in its natural state!