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Buckwheat honey harvested by Api-Moulin beekeepers and certified organic. 250g jar.
9.90 €
Service client de Pollenergie
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Produits de la ruche fabriqués en France
Made in France
for more than 20 years
  1. Pollenergie honors its local beekeepers! Buckwheat honey is quite surprising in its taste and smell during the first tasting… But you have to taste it a second time to appreciate its uniqueness. It is a powerful and fragrant honey with a thick texture and a dark brown color. Its smell is strong and its taste subtle, with persistent woody notes in the mouth..

    It is produced in the Gers during the summer.

    Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-anaemic, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps heal wounds.


    The company "Api-Moulin” was thus born in 2017. It distributes honey harvested by its farm as well as by its beekeeper friends. The company also offers bee products such as propolis, embossed and raw wax.

    Beyond the honey they produce, they also offer other honey flavors that have been carefully selected from a circle of beekeepers in Gascony and Provence. The majority of beekeepers are located in the Gers and Hautes Pyrénées, for a supply circuit of less than 50 km.

    Since 2017, the company has been committed to an organic production approach in order to offer healthy products that respect bees and the environment. Similarly, several of the beekeepers who supply Api-Moulin are labeled AB Agriculture Biologique. All beekeepers in the network follow similar working methods and practices to the exploitation.

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  2. 100% Certified Organic Buckwheat Honey.

    Packaging: 250 g glass jar.

    Origin: Gers - France

    Not recommended for people allergic to bee products.

    Store at room temperature.

  3. #HONEY CRYSTALLIZATION#All honeys crystallize! Contrary to a fairly widespread idea, it is in no way a question of poor quality honey or the addition of sugar. However, this natural phenomenon varies according to the floral origin of the honey and its storage temperature. How to make honey that is too hard or too grainy liquid? Simply place the jar of honey in a bain-marie without exceeding 45°C at the risk of losing its nutritional qualities. Warning: this still alters its organoleptic qualities, particularly its taste and aromas. So prefer to leave it in its natural state!